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Sunday, June 05, 2011

A blanket for baby

Like most knitters, I've spent years making baby items for my friends -- particularly in the past few years. And I never had much trouble choosing patterns for them. I wanted something kinda throwback for Christa's baby, something with lots of earth tones for Kate. For my one friend Jen something jovial. For my other friend Jen, something pure and angelic.

But when it was my turn to knit for my own baby, I was crippled with indecision. First off, knit or crochet? Bright, primary colors or something more muted and classy? For weeks, I pinned designs on Pinterest, queued pics on Ravelry. I was about to go on vacation and knew I had to decide -- and the Sunshine Day baby afghan was the winner.

I wanted something with a vintage feel, and I search for a palette of colors that were playful but not too cloying. I settled on Cascade's Eco Alpaca for the background and, because of the wide range of colors, Superwash for the flowers. I know, I know, Alpaca and Superwash. I'm an idiot.

Here's what I'm a little ashamed to admit: I didn't enjoy making this. The motifs are so small that I felt like I was constantly cutting yarn and adding new yarn and weaving in ends. I could never just zone out while making it, even for a few minutes. I think that's why it took me so darn long. This made me so sad -- this blanket is for my first child! What kind of mother will I be if I can't even sacrifice enough to CROCHET A BLANKET?

I'm blaming my impatience on random pregnancy side effects, like the cough I've had for 10 weeks and my inability to focus enough to read an entire magazine article. In the end, I decided to keep it on the smaller side so it will fit car seats and strollers. Now, I can focus on little rompers and soakers and other such things.

Having said this, I do love how it turned out. My joins aren't great, but it reminds me of something my grandmother would have crocheted for a new baby. She excelled at motifs (and probably never complained about them). Something about it feels heirloom-y to me. This blankie will be too warm to bring to the hospital come July, when our little guy is expected to arrive. But maybe some fall afternoon, when it's a little brisk out, it will be my turn to wrap one of my blankets around a baby, our baby.