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Monday, March 07, 2011

A goodbye shawl

There's a reason that I've been absent since November, which I'm so sad about. But we're having a baby boy in July! I couldn't be more excited -- we feel so blessed and lucky and just wonder who he'll be. I've therefore been distracted and unmotivated and full of excuses when it comes to crafting, apparently. But I hate that so I'll just jump in.

A few weeks back, a longtime boss of mine got a new job. Yay for her, sad for me. She was a mentor to me and responsible in large part for any opportunities I've received. That seems worthy of a shawl, right?

It's the boneyard shawl, knit up in Noro Silk Garden, which was given to me by Maya at the Spiders holiday swap. I had never used Noro before (gasp!) and enjoyed seeing how the colors would work up.

And now, since I'm at 21 weeks pregnant, it's time to focus on baby knits. For my baby -- isn't that crazy? After years of making things for others, I feel tremendous pressure to find the perfect baby blanket or sweater or booties or cap. I've literally spent evenings starting at Ravelry, trying to decide patterns and colors. Boy appropriate but not too BOY, you know? Don't want it too loud and too primary color heavy, but don't want it too pastel and baby-like. This is tough work. Hope to have something to show off soon.