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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A darling dress for a darling baby

I've been wrong, oh so wrong, for so long. All this time, I've been taking photos of baby knits on the floor, on hangers, on sofas. What was WRONG with me? Baby knits belong on BABIES!

This pattern is a DROPS design dress, done in trusty Spud and Chloe sweater yarn. I adore that yarn -- silky and warm and great colors. I finished it months ago but forgot to photograph it before packaging it up and mailing it off.

I knit this dress for Molly, my dear college roommate Jen's daughter. (You may, or may not, remember that I crocheted her a yo-yo-blanket before darling Molly was born.) And, luckily for me, Jen is also a fabulous photographer.

I've only seen Molly twice, and I simply adore her. She is playful and cuddly and has the chubbiest cheeks, like they're filled with creamy polenta, as her mom says. Molly is so cute that Jen's priest said to her, "People say every baby is the cutest baby. But your baby really is the cutest baby!"

I'll see her again Sunday and can't wait to give her a big snug.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Why, yes, I did knit a sweater for Rhinebeck.

I wasn't just looking forward to Rhinebeck this year. I NEEDED IT. Like, bad. Partly because it's gourd season, partly because I just wanted some time with my friends (and without blackberry reception).

So, cheesy as it may be, I needed a Rhinebeck sweater. This would not be easy to finish. I've been a little absent from here because I've been working on a rather epic project for my brother's wedding, and I don't exactly have time for personal knitting. Still, I was determined. Someone was lobbying for this sweater, which is lovely, but I chose the darling Cropped Jacket from Vogue Knitting.

photos by fig and plum Jess

Now, a little about this pattern. I waltzed over to La Casita, my fave yarn store (and only partly because of the wine) and picked up the magazine from last fall. Warning bells should have gone off in my head when I saw that it called for 22 skeins of Lopi, But this is Vogue! How could they be so wrong? When I realized it would cost me about, oh, $400 to make this, I checked the errata. Um, it only requires seven skeins. (And I actually only used five. Anyone need some Lopi?)

I really enjoyed making this, and it was a super quick knit. But the placket! Why is it so, so wonky? It fits perfectly, but the snaps are totally visible. I blocked it twice, took the snaps off and reattached them, and STILL WONKY. Could be because it's faux double breasted -- perhaps I'll use those extra skeins to make it actually double breasted?

Either way, it kept me warm as we ate fried artichokes, met old and new friends at the Ravelry meet-up, ogled alpacas and fondled yarns. AND as we ate fabulous food and drank cider at our barbecue back at the Spiders house. Doesn't get much more seasonal, now does it?