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Monday, July 05, 2010

A little dress

This is for a little girl named Alexandra.

If all babies were as good as Alexandra was during my visit, people would have 13 kids. What a little doll! She is my college friend Shannon's little girl. Shannon and I worked at the college paper together and had an internship together. Oh, we had fun. Run DMC at the Art Attack concert on campus. Trips to get cheesesteaks in the middle of the day. We even got maced once -- in her apartment. (Long story).

We were so thrilled when she and her husband moved to New York maybe a year or two after I did. She's one of those friends who didn't see for a few years, but it's like no time had passed. And now they're a family.

Since Shannon's a knitter, too, the pressure was on. I chose the Little Sister's dress, and what a home run. Some fussiness on top, then miles of stockinette. Just added some buttons, and we were off. I used Dream in Color Classy , which is delightful to work with.

I just texted Shannon about the mace incident. I think I had suppressed that one.