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Friday, May 15, 2009

sewing Fridays

For the past few weeks, I've spent my Friday sewing. (This has cut into my "Law and Order" naptime, but that's OK). I finished this number last week and gave it a test drive at work, where I was told it was Pucci-esque, which I think is a nice way of saying "really, really loud."

must stop taking pictures on fire escape

This is now my fourth variation of this "Built by Wendy" pattern -- there are just so many ways to mix it up. I obviously combined the gathered neck with the long sleeves and longer length, improvising a belt to give it a little shape.

The fabric is from Mood, which I keep sneaking to after work.

So I think it's time to back away from this pattern and try something new. I ordered Amy Butler's lotus tunic pattern, and, thanks to the wonderful Marie, I found some Nani Iro fabric that I have been drooling over. (Hard to find a good pic of it, but it's used in this dress.) I love it so much that I kinda want to stretch it across a canvas and hang it, but doesn't fabric deserve to become a dress or shirt?

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Um, did I miss something?

We all know Vanna has yarn. But Deborah?

Apparently Deborah Norville, longtime broadcast journalist and "Inside Edition" host, has a line of yarns! Got a free shipping coupon for Joanns, popped over there and saw it. Did everyone know this but me?

As a reporter, I get it. Our industry is in turmoil. We're all searching for a backup plan. Just seems like a strange fit to go from reporting about how the star of "The Cougar" is setting the record straight to peddling a sock yarn called "Serenity."

Maybe there's hope for me yet?

And she has a blog!

Friday, May 01, 2009

yarn, what yarn?

Not sure why, but all I can think about lately is sewing. Maybe because I discovered last week that my office is dangerously close to Mood Fabrics -- and I've already made two trips. Can you believe I've never gone before? It's a little overwhelming, with its crazy three floors of cottons and ultrasuedes and tweeds. Since I'm vertically challenged, I can really only reach about half the merchandise, but that hasn't stopped me from building a fabric stash. (Yes, me, a stash.)

Gotta say that I probably prefer bolts of fabric to long rolls, but, damn, that place is amazing.

So here's my first finish object with Mood fabric -- a Built by Wendy dress.

You might, or might not, recall that I made the shirt from this pattern a year or so back -- really, it's an awesome pattern. The only part I really struggled with was the sleeves. You can't see the little ties on the elbows because, um, I put them on the inside instead of the outside. Ah well, less likely to get caught in subway doors!

The fabric remined me of graph paper from high school geometry, which caused me a moment of anxiety. Then I remembered that I'll never have to take geometry again and the anxiety subsided, so I bought the fabric. This is perfect for work, and I'd love to make it in other fabrics. Maybe I'll just skip the ties?