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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

There's just something about sewing....

Jon and I were ambling around Woodstock a few weeks ago when I spotted Quiltstock. Yes, Quiltstock. It was a really delightful store -- bright and airy with lots of natural light for inspecting the fabric. (And not a single "Hippie Parking Only" sign -- there were a lot of those in Woodstock.)

I was going to leave with just a few fat quarters as souvenirs when I saw Amy Butler's Anna Tunic at the checkout. And, yeah, that was that.

i'm blurry and heading to work!

This took half an evening and most of an afternoon, including multiple machine mishaps. (I'm really tempted to buy a new machine that will be less temperamental.) I loved this pattern, even though I had to read a few of the sections, like, 12 times before comprehending them. And I basically just winged the sleeves.

So what is it about my ancient Singer sewing machine that makes me gleeful one minute and ready to rip my hair out the next? My needle broke, the bobbin was all screwy, the thread bunched up in the back. But when it was over? I was blue and ready to start something new...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just in time for spring

A big, warm sweater!

hi, i'm shadowy.

Since I've been working on secret knitting for baby's and a friend's wedding, it took me months to finish Harper from Popknits. Naturally, I finished it up on an unseasonably warm and sunny day and had to sweat through some pictures.

Unlike Yarnmonster's, my Harper is downright voluminous. I should not have made it quite so wide, but otherwise, I like it!

This stitch pattern is easy to memorize and very relaxing. I treated myself to some Dream in Color Classy from Brooklyn General, perhaps in the Midnight Derby colorway? Just don't remember. It's an absolutely lovely yarn.

I might need to pick larger buttons because the sleeves are closed by a series of buttons and, if they come undone, this travels into poncho territory. Unacceptable.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunset, Anna Maria Island

Just got back from a wonderful vacation with my wonderful family and feeling very lucky.