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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Back to your regularly scheduled knitting

Between my wedding and other notable distractions, I have let knitting -- and m'blog -- fall by the wayside. Oh, the power of inertia! I mean to post but don't, then feel bad that I don't, and yet I still don't. But over the past few days, I feel like the knitting bug is back and as insidious as ever. After a few marathon evenings, I *finally* finished my gallery jacket from Webs.

A hearty thanks to Lisa for taking finished object shots at Brooklyn General Saturday!

I started this so long ago that I don't even remember starting it. No recollection at all. I would pick it up, knitting a few rows of the twisted rib, then stuff it into a bag for months at a time. Even though it's knit in my beloved Brooks Farm Four Play, I just found it a little dull and wasn't really longing to work on it. I swear that I completed maybe an inch on my honeymoon, which you would expect to be prime knitting time! Nope.

(A quick aside. While in New Orleans, I visited The Quarter Stitch, a truly delightful yarn shop in the French Quarter, natch. I can't say enough about this spot. I wanted a yarn that was lively and vibrant and would always remind me of our time as newlyweds in beautiful New Orleans. They directed me to a skein of Mango Moon yarn, which is made from recycled sarongs and promotes the economic independence of Nepali woman. Perfect. The women there made time to listen to me gush about my new husband and our wedding and our adventures on the Gulf Coast. They then assured me, "If your husband let's you buy yarn on your honeymoon, you're going to have a long and happy marriage.")

So this past week, I picked up the gallery jacket with renewed urgency, and I knit like the wind! It was a fight to the finish, with more loose ends left to weave in than I wish to recall. I swear, I spent the entirety of a "30 Rock" dealing with 'em. ("Please welcome LIZ LE-MON!")

I'm glad, though, that I resuscitated this one. I just really adore it!

I think the fit would be a little better if I used a traditional shawl pin, but I kinda wanted to use my grandmother's cool brooch. It reminds me of the Times Square New Year's Eve ball drop!