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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Evidence that I've lost my mind

If my blog statistics are any indications, knitters don't really care about knitting bloggers' weddings. I don't blame them -- this wedding stuff is tedious and boring to outsiders. But it's close people. It's under-a-month close. It's I-got-my-hair-highlighted-today close. It's an-average-of-one-panic-attack-a-day close. (I didn't have one today, but I had two yesterday.) I'm even wearing teeth whitening trays as I type.

Anyway. The wedding crafting is in overdrive at this point. The shawls are done. My capelet is blocking. The pom-poms are being mass produced. And the cake topper is done.

why, hello there!

The funny thing is, we're not really having cake. We're just not dessert people -- we're more second-helping people. So we're having a peanut butter pie and carrot cake that our venue serves. But I simply couldn't resist making a Carrie and Jon cake topper.

I have to admit that this was, um, heavily inspired by the cake toppers made by Patch NYC. And I feel a little bad, but if they are able to sell them for $500, then I think they're doing OK without my business. I also used the adorable toppers made by Small Object as a guide.

The biggest challenge was Jon's suit. He let me cut up an old gray shirt, and I made many a prototype before settling on this one. Then I found ribbon that resembled his tie, and we were off!

As you might gather, my dress doesn't look precisely like this -- and my legs aren't anywhere near as skinny as pipe cleaners, despite rampant gym-going -- but it's close enough that Jon is now forbidden from looking at this blog! (Spare me any commentary about how the whole "groom not seeing the bride" tradition is silly. We like our silly traditions, thank you very much!)

Anyway, I'll having actually KNITTING to show soon, once my little capelet dries. Now, off to remove the whitening trays ...

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Monday, August 11, 2008

second summer recap

How can it possibly be August? And nearly mid-August, at that? We've been planning and working and traveling a little. We realized this weekend that we haven't gone to the beach at all this summer. I'll have to remember to pencil that in ...

By (un)popular demand, here are the finished bridesmaid shawls. Two crochet, two knit, four done! I'm looking for pretty shawl pins to close 'em up! Now it's on to my little capelet ...

I'm also about finished with the boutonnieres from Martha Stewart's Weddings magazine. I'd like to make two more for my dad and Jon's dad, but it ain't the most fun project!

And lastly (for now), I'm whipping up some pom-poms that I think I'll attach to place cards. These need a little trim, methinks.

Okay, enough craftiness. This weekend was the annual Spiders summer gala. Colleen was the hostess with the mostest -- can you believe the view from atop her building?

And I swear I'll write about something other than weddings at some point, but I was a bridesmaid in my dear friend Christa's wedding two weeks back. The ceremony was at the Denver Art Museum and really awesome -- as was this Mondrian-inspired arch that her hubby made! We love crafty grooms.