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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Three's a charm

Yep, bridesmaid shawl number three is a done deal.

This went so fast that I could hardly believe it. Take that, you crochet haters out there.

My bridesmaids are strikingly different in a lot of ways (one's a lawyer in Colorado, another a drug and alcohol counselor in Pennsylvania, and two others are journalists, one in Connecticut and another in Maryland). But they are alike in the ways that count -- all hard workers, all compassionate, all goofy and funny enough to like me.

So that premise kind of guided my choices in their dresses and shawls, not to get too heavy on you. They picked whichever brown J. Crew dress they wanted, so I similarly picked shawls with a common shape but differences in the details. Shawl number one and shawl number two are knit, so I decided to crochet the remaining two. I scoured Ravelry and picked this Country Cotton Shawl. Practically crocheted itself.

Oh, and with Father's Day coming, I thought I'd point out that J. Crew has KNIT TIES. I actually knit my father a tie for Christmas in 2001, but I failed to line it. So it basically rolled into a tube, like something Gary Numan might have worn. But he still mentioned it in his Christmas Eve blessing!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

One hip hippo

So what do you usually think of when someone says "newborn baby girl"?

A hippopotamus? Hey, me too!

Um, well, that's not quite how I came up with this gift for Cassie, Kaitlyn's new little one. I actually pored over crochet patterns, searching for one that had just the right deadpan expression. (I really love stuffed animals with deadpan expressions.)

For some reason, this hippo stole my heart.

This is about as delightful a crochet stuffed animal pattern as you could find. Easy to understand, nothing too fancy. Some assembly is required, but the seaming ain't too painful.

My only regret is that his pronounced snout makes him a little top heavy.

Jonathan was at first skeptical about the hippo, who was just a pile of purple pieces until Saturday. But after he was complete, even before I tied a ribbon 'round his neck, Jon was smitten.

He picked up the creature, held it to his face and said, "This hippo has looked into my soul."

The goodbye on Sunday? It was not an easy one. But we know this fella has a good home.