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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Loop at last

This little number has been finished for weeks, and I've been consistently wearing her near and far. (And by far, I mean Queens.) But I've been distracted by trips from friends, a visit from my mom, sundry gubernatorial sex scandals and "The Wire" finale. (I may never forgive David Simon for what he did to my Dukie!)

Anyway, here is the Loop Shawl (ravelry) from "Sensual Knits", though I know it's not much of a loop or much of a shawl at this point.

thanks for the photo, jess!

I just enjoyed this stitch pattern so much that I didn't want to stop, graft the stitches and make it a circular shawl. Plus, I wanted a bright scarf that would provide a much-needed pop of color on top of my wide assortment of gray and black coats. But really, I found the pattern addictive.

I felt like the stitches really popped in this yarn, Shelridge Farm Soft Touch in cardinal. But I totally need a better way to block shawls! My blocking board seems like a postage stamp by comparison.

I know it's been well documented elsewhere, but the Spiders really brought it for Katy's babywarming. Oh, the mimosas!

And here is Katy, along with bouncing baby Peter, admiring the progressive log cabin we made for them. Yeah, I think that's the kind of reaction we were hoping for.