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Monday, October 22, 2007

Self-indulgent Rhinebeck post

We came. We saw. We ate.

Here lie the remnants of the decadent apple crisp that Jess and I shared at Rhinebeck. This followed fried artichoke hearts, cheeseburgers and cider -- and preceded kettle corn and stomach aches on the ride home.

The Spiders decided to divide and conquer at the festival this year -- actually, I just couldn't get Saturday off work and convinced a few suckers to go with me on Sunday instead. Here are Katy, Jess, Jess and I taking a breather (note the empty cider next to me).

In terms of knitting celeb sightings, we watched as bloggers mobbed Ravelry mama Frecklegirl like a bunch teen-age girls swooning over the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. (Of course, we joined the mob.) Sadly, we didn't see our fave knitting celeb, the grandfatherly gentleman from Morehouse. And even more sadly, we learned their store is closing! They're going, like, totally virtual. This is a true knitterly atrocity, especially since their website isn't the slickest and some of the pages have pictures covering text.

(For a pic of Grandpa Morehouse, go here and click on the pic labeled "irresistible." I'm not kidding.)

Anyway, before I reveal my yarn haul, I insist that you take in the lovely, autumnal scenery. We don't see too much of this in the city and were all agog over it.

Ok, my haul. The top row is Morehouse 3-strand in a positively radiant and nearly translucent lilac. Maybe for an accessory of some kind? Underneath that, I picked up two skeins of Shelridge Farms Soft Touch in a color reminiscent of Italian ice. It's delightfully squishy and destined for a shawl or wrap. And on the bottom, perhaps predictably, I have three skeins of Brooks Farm four play in a yummy violet. See Sandra, I'm on my way to having a yarn stash!

Oh, and another thing -- Go Sox!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Now they've really done it

This can't be good for us. Martha Stewart has created a no-knit scarf pattern. And it's damn cute.

She's also got a no-stitch cross-stitch votive. What's next? The no-crochet toilet paper doll cover? The no-macrame macrame wall hanging?

Anyway. If I seem cranky, it's due in large part to the Boston Red Sox, who are clearly losing in an attempt to upend my tranquil home life. The playoffs are the only time that I actually care about baseball, and it's been a rather miserable series. (If you are interested in my future brother-in-law's far more trenchant thoughts on the matter, you can read here.)

Really, I'm interested in sports mostly for the mascots. That's why I went to Maryland -- just try to find a more mirthful mascot than the Terp. He posed for Christmas cards every year, for heaven's sake. But lately I've been more about Wally, who apparently has his own blog. Here is our Wally, perched next to the television where we keep watching the Sox lose. He's always so pleasant.

OK, enough of the stream of consciousness. I'm making only glacial progress on my Trapeze jacket, even though it's the official knitting project of The Wire, which we are obsessed with. I'll have to bring it along this weekend for Rhinebeck!!

And can I ask -- does anybody else tear up at those Liberty Mutual commercial where people see someone performing a good deed, then feel inspired to do something nice for someone else? (Like a neighbor stops a couch from falling out of a moving truck onto an elderly woman or something, then someone who witnesses that prevents a pizza delivery man from walking straight into a semi?) Why are these making me so emotional?

Monday, October 08, 2007

It's all about common ground

Those Mars and Venus people could take a lesson from us.

Jon and I drove up Friday night to visit his parents in Massachusetts and attend his 10 year reunion, which we were excited about. But we were driving on I-91North when the Red Sox were playing, which we were not so excited about. Let me be clear about this: in order to survive, Jon would need to hear this game. So I had to repeatedly search for AM stations carrying the match-up, then 20 miles later find another one when the signal faded out. For once, I was the long-suffering girlfriend.

But I decided to make the best of it, knitting by the light of my cell phone. And thanks to some children's Dramamine, I was finally able to make some progress on my trapeze jacket. (The Ultra Alpaca has a tendency to shed, I must say.)

Not to be outdone, Jon showed incredible restraint and patience as well, allowing me to wear this dress to his reunion. I was channeling my inner Rhoda, which I seem to do an awful lot. I just felt like we should be the kooky couple from Brooklyn.

The spirit of cooperation continued throughout the weekend, as Jon discovered a new way to incorporate his love for baseball with my love for wine. Who'd have thunk it -- in Massachusetts, baseball players have their own!

That's just "Manny Being Merlot." Yeah, it's a little bit strange.

And at long last, we were able to meld baseball and knitting beyond an annual Stitch N' Pitch. Here's my new Lowell Spinners T-shirt, perhaps designed specifically with the two of us in mind.

And theeeeeee Yankees lost a few minutes ago. So peace and tranquility reign in our home. Now, back to my knitting.