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Sunday, September 30, 2007


I've been back a whole week, and I just haven't had the get-up-and-go to post about the trip. I guess it's just too overwhelming. I put a big ole album on flickr, but here are a few highlights:

Here are the Alps, with a Barbapapa doll that I purchased. I thought I'd dreamt up the Barbapapas! Does anyone else remember them?

Here we are after climbing to the top of the Duomo. It was not an easy trip, but so worth it.

I feel like I can't really sum up the trip - it was relaxing and enriching and just fantastic. We rushed around all day, popping from site to site to site. Then we napped. Then we passed our evenings enjoying fresh mozzarella and savory pastas and lots of red wine. Is it time to go back?

I've been plugging away on the summer shawlette, but I messed up on the flight home and had to rip it all back. So not exciting progress shots. And I think I'm gonna start the long sleeve trapeze jacket soon.

In the meantime, enjoy this slideshow about knit dresses. I have seen a lot on the streets lately -- many with beautiful, bulky cables -- but I'm not sure I'd have the commitment to knit a dress. And I certainly won't be knitting my wedding gown. And I most definitely, certainly won't be knitting everything in my wedding.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Not too late for tanks, apparently

I had feared that it would be too chilly to wear my Ribs and Lace tank after I finished. Au contraire. It's actually too muggy to wear it. I practically needed to hose down after our little photo shoot. Oh, the humidity!

I'm gonna be honest -- this isn't my favorite finished object ever. As you can see, if one wore this without a cami underneath, one might be arrested for indecent exposure. (And I re-did the straps twice. No luck.) I was actually stunned, though, that the chest shaping turned out OK. I was just really skeptical with all of the decreasing and increasing -- seemed like I was on a path to destruction.

I used four balls of Patons Grace, which I snagged during a Spiders yarn swap. (I believe it once belonged to blogless Nancy). So for a free knit, I'd say that I'm rather pleased! Now, I'm moving on to more lace and more Interweave, this time the Summer Lace Shawlette. This will be my overseas knitting.

Yes, overseas! We are heading out to Europe Thursday to spend a few days with my folks in the French Alps, then we'll head by ourselves to Florence and Rome. I. Cannot. Wait. We need a vacation in a way that I can't easily explain. And don't tell Jonathan, but there will be trips to Italian yarn shops. Oh yes, there will be!

I'll also share with you pictures from the "bridal brunch" that my dear co-workers threw for me. I felt so fancy! Like, who am I that people would actually throw me a brunch? As one reporter said, it was fun to pretend for a few hours that we were the type of people who might be invited to a "bridal brunch." For you foodies, here were my delicious desserts:

And because I love photographing flowers, here were some from the "bridal brunch." I'm a lucky gal.