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Monday, August 27, 2007

Thanks, and cold shoulders

I can't thank all of you enough for your well wishes! We read each and every one with much glee. The next few days were kind of crazy and kooky -- I had to fly to Virginia for work, and I was convinced that my ring was going to wash down the drain in the hotel. We also visited my folks in Pennsylvania, and, in typical Carrie fashion, I humiliated myself. My folks had arranged for us to take a quaint cruise around Conneaut Lake on a boat with an average passenger age of 87. It was rainy all weekend, so I carefully navigated my way down a slippery stairwell leading to the watercraft. Of course, on the last step, I fell directly on my ass. Mind you, the senior citizens got down there just fine. For the rest of the trip, I was "that girl who fell on her ass."

Now we're tiptoeing into the stressful world of New York wedding planning, which seems only slightly less painful (and more expensive) than serious dental work. It's an adventure!!!

Anyway, I'm chipping away at the Ribs and Lace Tank from the spring Interweave. At this rate, I will finish just in time for fall's chill, when lacy tanks tops are about as useful as sunscreen.

I'm using the Patons Grace that I picked up at a Spiders yarn swap. The lace pattern is quick and easy to memorize -- not as much fun as the Razor Cami, but close.

Since I'm in the home stretch with this baby, I'm thinking shawls. I positively freeze to death at work most days, and I think my co-workers are getting sick of seeing me in my Ella every day. (Let's face it -- it's a touch loud.) So I'm looking for a substantial shawl, nothing too light or dainty. Any favorites??

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Of course I said yes

My favorite person in the world proposed to me yesterday. I was totally surprised and thrilled and speechless. We sat for a long time on our little fire escape, drinking champagne and just being happy.

We're a little overwhelmed by everyone's response, but I think Jon's grandmother perhaps had the cutest reaction of all. "The ring will sparkle while she's knitting," she said.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Icky sweet, but not icky

The moment I laid eyes on the Bella Baby Dress, I knew I had to crochet one. Then, of course, my friends started giving birth to boy after boy after boy. The nerve of some people!

Thankfully, I found out that a beloved co-worker was in the family way -- and having a little girl. So here is my finished Bella:

It's so violently feminine, I felt the need to photograph it in front of a brick wall in order to tone down the saccharine. I considered photographing it in a dark alley, or perhaps with a chalk outline.

You may recognize the yarn as the A.C. Moore Luxury Aran Cashmere from Tubey. (And if you think I'm self-absorbed for suggesting that you'd remember my lowly Tubey, please know that two Spiders actually recognized the yarn. Scary, I know.) If you can get yourself to an A.C. Moore, this is a super alternative to Debbie Bliss.

I knew I had a few months to finish this, so I kinda dragged my feet. Could have finished it in maybe a week, since the popcorn stitch is totally addictive and simply flies by.

I made the largest size, which seems big enough for a toddler or maybe kindergartner. Future incarnations will be more teensy-weensy.

Now I need a new project for Stitch n Pitch on Wednesday. Who will I be seeing there?