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Friday, November 04, 2005

All presents, all the time

I am not a procrastinator. I never pulled an all nighter, never turned a paper in late during high school, college or grad school. I pay my bills when they arrive, and I just now I filled out my juror questionare that showed up this afternoon. Perhaps this is why I'm a daily newspaper reporter -- deadlines don't bother me. And I don't say this to brag. I say this to illustrate that I'm crazy.

So, in the spirit of starting and (hopefully) finishing early, here's a stack of holiday presents!

I must admit, though, that I keep hearing the selfish voice in my head. "Go to the yarn store! Start a toasty sweater for yourself!"

In the meantime, I did a little navel gazing and filled out the ubiquitous knitting meme that fellow New York knitter Lisa tagged me for. So here goes:

What is your all-time favourite yarn to knit with?
That's tough. Since I've only been knitting a few years, and since I've only had money for nice yarn during the past year, I like to try new yarns for each project. I'm not sure I've used the same yarn twice, except maybe manos.

Your favourite needles?
Definitely addi turbos. I have to go through medical detectors at work, so I don't dare take crazy LONG POINTY needles. Circulars all the way.

The worst thing you've ever knit?
I'll give you one knit and one crochet.
Here was my attempt at the pin-up sweater from Stitch n Bitch. The sweater is so ugly that it's trying to strangle itself.

And here is a poncho. I don't even remember the pattern now, but it feels like I used three strands of straw to crochet it.

Your most favourite knit pattern?
Most recently, clapotis. And I really enjoyed knitting lelah, though I haven't found many occasions to wear it.

Most valuable knitting technique?
Magic loop! No more double pointed needles!

Your favorite knit-a-long?
Gosh, the only one I ever joined was for Knitty's ribbon x-back, and mine turned out TERRIBLE. I still have no idea what I'll use that yarn for. So now I'm knit-a-long gun shy.

Your favorite knitblogs?
I'll just direct you to the links to the left. And I'm finding new folks all the time.

Your favorite knitwear designer?
Definitely Teva Durham, Glampyre Stefanie and Keridiana, who basically created the super circular shrug pattern. She's kind of a genius.

The knit item you wear the most?
The Interweave cabled shrug

and the infamous circular shrug!

This weekend, I have a super-secret crochet project to reveal! For myself! I'm both selfish *and* sly!


Blogger Lolly said...

From the picture, the Pin Up sweater does look pretty! What went wrong? I just love your knits. They all look great on you :)

7:48 AM  
Blogger Biglug said...

The shrugs are great! Good luck with the holiday knitting.

8:56 AM  
Blogger Leah said...

Your circular shrug looks great! I really love that pattern & the cool way it all played out on craftster!! Geniuses at work I tell ya!

9:59 AM  
Anonymous Iraida said...

I am dying to start these xmas socks/presents so I can start knitting myself things again! Ugh! I'm on a purlsoho/yarnco strike until I finish. *sigh*

10:08 AM  
Blogger MeBeth said...

The lelah looks great - maybe you need to throw a party to have an excuse to wear it!

10:17 AM  
Blogger Melissa said...

I think your poncho is cute - was it the yarn?

10:49 AM  
Blogger yahaira said...

you beat me to xmas presents! I still have to start mine.

What did happen to that sweater, why is it strangling itself?

12:44 PM  
Anonymous Purly Whites said...

Fun meme! I'm glad you got tagged. You've knit some cute stuff.

2:08 PM  
Blogger Sluggo said...

I hope you're planning on knitting me a beer cozy for Christmas.

12:24 AM  
Blogger krissy said...

i'm sad that the poncho you crocheted is so scratchy to wear. i really like it!

5:37 PM  

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