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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Two for one

I'm the baby of the family, so when I come home, my parents naturally pull out all the stops. They show up early at the airport and clean the house from top to bottom. We plan day trips and dad gives up the remote, usually. One year, they even put up a "Welcome Home Carrie!" banner on our front porch, for heaven's sake.

Of course, this vacation is no different. Nothing but the best for me. And by the best, I mean two "buy one get one free" meals in the first two days of my trip.

Monday evening my father and I met my uncle and grandfather at a local Italian restaurant for "two for one" spaghetti. That's slightly misleading -- you could get any kind of pasta, and it was more like 4 p.m. than "evening." The sauce was a little burnt, but what do you expect when two plates cost just $5.99?

Then, dad followed it up Tuesday with a trip to Arby's for "Two for Tuesday." He got the turkey swiss sandwich, I had the "Low CArby" chicken wrap. It was not all bad and SUPER CHEAP. There was a great view of the mammoth new Super Walmart, and I got to take out my clapotis for its inaurgural run.

Too bad you can't see the Walmart in the distance. Soon enough, it will have eaten my hometown. I'll take some better shots in a more picturesque locale tomorrow.

Honestly, as poorly as I'm eating, this is still a wonderful, relaxing, satisfying respite. I've finished clapotis, as you can see. And I've completed a few more squares for Jonathan's afghan, nearly finished a baby sweater for my friend, and even revisited the Keridiana "aflutter." Oh yeah, and I'm spending lots of time with my fantastic family, whom I miss so much.

And what's that they always say? When in Greensburg, eat like a Greensburger.


Blogger keohinani said...

yay for finishing clapotis! so when do we get to see it all? you're such a tease draping it over that chair just so and trying to distract us into playing "where's walmart?" with the window! haha...just joking. walmart is an interesting enterprise of a store, isn't it?

3:14 AM  
Blogger yahaira said...

you're eating better than me! This week Ive enjoyed grilled cheese sandwhiches for a few meals in a row, then I had pieriogies (sp?) for dinner last night. Oh yeah real healthy.

That clapotis went so fast, I demand another pic!

9:10 AM  
Blogger Jen said...

Glad you're enjoying your break. There's nothing like hometown food and just hanging out with the family. Where's Greensburg?

12:00 PM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

When I went home at the beginning of the month, I ate soooo poorly. That's what vacations with family are for though, hugs from mom and dad and lots of comfort food.

The Clappy looks pretty....can't wait to see the whole thing!

2:14 PM  
Blogger Leah said...

Your clapotis looks great! I would love to see another picture as well!!

Believe it or not you really made me miss eating meat for a second. I used to love those Arby's roast beef sandwiches when I was in high school!

6:55 PM  
Anonymous Iraida said...

You've made me hungry. Boy better hurry up with my taco bell! Yay for Clapotis! Sounds like you're having a good time. I'm at home knitting the most boring vest for my mom. Yes, a vest :(

7:35 PM  
Anonymous Pri Search Negative D/W/H said...

Can you bring back a case of paper towels, please? Thanks.

7:39 PM  
Anonymous frecklegirl said...

Your fans demand another pic of the clapotis!

That picture there is just a teasing picture- we can sorta see it... but not totally. ;)

Gotta love going home for a good dose of family loves. I always eat ridiculously when I am home too- what is that about?

12:55 PM  
Blogger Sandra may be knitting a ranchhouse said...

glad to see you had a good time back home. and your clapotis looks lovely. pretty colors. very nice job.

not quite sure what an Arby's is. is it like Shoney's or something? like a regional diner chain thingy? sorry, i figured out what a "waffle house" was earlier this year from my southern boyfriend. is it like that? :/

3:33 PM  
Blogger Sandra may be knitting a ranchhouse said...

oh duh, you have a link to the history of arby's. totally missed that. I'm going to read that now. . .

3:35 PM  
Blogger the knitrider said...

what a tasty looking clapotis! those colors are really just so sweet! i agree with the consensus: more pics! as for the fairly easy fair isle, karin from 21ch.blogspot set up a knitalong site for us, so you can keep track of it there! and dont worry about "rushing" me, i have REALLY wanted to knit that for a while and really want to have it before the winters over! im a slow knitter!

12:41 PM  
Blogger Lolly said...

I hope that Walmart does not eat your hometown :(

You little tease--I wanna see more Clapotis! :)

11:11 PM  

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