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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

a bunny, a baby blanket and a bear

It was love at first sight. One glance at this adorable pattern, and I knew I simply had to make a bunny for my friend Laura, who is expecting a little girl. Her shower is Wednesday morning, so I scurried to finish up this little fellow. I'm not gonna lie to you -- I'm not so great with the double pointed needles. That's why he looks a tad lumpy.

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This is the piece de resistance -- the pom pom tail. I also made him a little purple scarf.

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I also whipped up a crocheted baby blanket. It's a drastic variation of Beth's Little Star Afghan via High Energy Knits. I adore the original pattern, and I'm whipping one up for another friend who is expecting. But I decided to mix it up a bit for this blanket, which is also for my friend Laura. She already has a little one and once mentioned that she has more than enough traditional baby garb and gear, so I thought something a little funkier might be in order. I can't remember the name of this yarn -- it feels like terry cloth, just kinda spongy and soft. So I used a larger hook than called for, and I added a stripe of Patons Divine just to break up the monotony. Whaddya think?

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Jonathan and I both desperately needed a restful holiday weekend. As I said to my editor Saturday night, I am always amazed that the news just NEVER STOPS. Every day, there's more and more. In a matter of a half hour Saturday, we learned:
1. There were arrests in the murder of two New York men in St. Thomas;
2. The child killed in a car accident on Long Island had been a flower girl in her aunt's wedding early that day;
3. Jerry Seinfeld's ex-girlfriend's house in the Hamptons exploded. (I'm not kidding.)
4. A boy in Brooklyn was killed for his iPod.

So, we had kind of a busy night. The next day, my brother came to the city to visit several amusement parks. He's a roller coaster enthusiast, and he literally travels the world riding coasters. It's an interesting hobby, but I just don't have the stomach for it. We went to Rye Playland on Sunday, and Jonathan and I didn't ride anything too nauseau enducing. (Though he did give me whiplash on the bumper cars!) He also won me this adorable Care Bear!

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It's Champ Bear. Whatever happened to Grumpy? Is he no longer PC?


Blogger Atouria said...

Your bunny is ADORABLE! She just looks so unique and fun. Her little scarf was a nice touch. I like the star blankie, too. Laura is gonna love your thoughtful gifts. :)

6:47 AM  
Blogger Atouria said...

Oh, I heard about that kid and the ipod on the news yesterday. That is so sad. The people who did it are shameful.

6:48 AM  
Blogger Tara said...

I didn't know they still made Care bears! Your blanket and rabbit are adorable. :)

9:28 AM  
Blogger Jennifa said...

I love the bunny! Very cute, and great color.

1:22 PM  
Anonymous kristin said...

so, wait, why were we looking at eyeless animals at the craft fair? okay, so i think they're good for developing imagination, openmindedness, etc - but damn, this classic thing is really cute.

2:00 PM  
Blogger High Energy Jenny said...

So glad you made the star pattern too! Yours turned out great!

That bunny is super cute. You did a great job. ;-)

3:26 AM  
Anonymous Skylar said...


I just found your blog and LOVE IT! Just wanted to say hello and can't wait to read more. You've also inspired me to knit a bunny like yours for a prego friend of mine. Cute as a button!

9:36 PM  

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