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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

back to reality

I'm not going to pretend my vacation was perfect. Let's just say there was a fight, and it was with a relative, and it was over an old sewing machine that wouldn't fit in my car. But who among us *hasn't* had that argument with a relative? I mean really.

But the good news is that my cousin won a trip to a dude ranch in Montana off the back of a carton of Marlboros! (And no, I'm not making that up!)

On Saturday, mom and I went to the "Summer in the City" festivities in downtown Greensburg. As far as I can ascertain, "Summer in the City" involves little more than kids drawing on the street with chalk, a few folks playing chess al fresco and the sporting goods store moving a rack of dusty, 12-year-old polo shirts onto the sidewalk. I had higher hopes for the affair, but it was thoroughly disappointing. I got excited when I saw this man and assumed he was involved:

But apparently he was walking down Main Street wearing a snake on a totally unrelated matter.

Mom and I made up for our disappointment by ordering a fattening appetizer at the Baggy Knee cafe. Isn't she the prettiest?

I also spent an inordinate amount of time with my cousin's wonderful five-year-old triplets, Olivia, Nolan and Brennan. They're so much fun and so delightful, but naturally two-thirds of them were injured in my care. (Nolan slammed his head on the concrete floor and got a bloody nose, while Brennan bit his lip until it bled.) Nolan, the blond boy, is big on giving people quarters for the gumball machine. He gave my mom one, then gave me four. When I asked why I got extra, he said, "Because you live in New York." Even a child knows that this place is too dern expensive. Here we are after a little hockey match, during which no one was hurt:

There was much shopping and much napping and much eating. We also exchanged some presents. Here is the Phildar rivage yarn that my mom purchased in a village near Normandy. I dunno what I'll do with it yet. Any ideas? And doesn't it look radiant in this overexposed shot?

I am so, so close to finishing the Aflutter top designed by Keridiana, and I'm even closer to wrapping up the cabled Interweave shrug, which by the way does NOT look like a thong! I am so excited to wrap up both that I can't muster the energy to work on either. So very sad.


Blogger Jennifa said...

That makes me think of a few weeks ago, I was walking out of the yarn shop in my town, when a boy on a bike cut through the paring lot, with a snake riding around his neck. Is this a new trend? Take your snake out and about?

9:58 PM  
Anonymous Amanda Woodward said...

ooo that blue is GORGEOUS!

That gentleman with the snake really made me go "Yikes!" And then I showed everyone around me the photo, which made them also go yikes.

:D Your new yarn is SO delish, your mum was smart to get you a bunch, rather than one skien, like I did with my gorgeous manos that I now can't find anything to knit it up with!

I'm so glad you've read "bird by bird"... I find myself thinking about the things she suggests on a daily basis!


1:33 AM  
Anonymous Skylar said...

When doesn't fattening food make up for a shit day???

Can't wait to see what you are going to make w/ that blue stuff.

Love the pics w/ the kiddos cute!

4:55 PM  

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