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Monday, June 06, 2005


Jonathan's surprises for my birthday truly knocked my socks off. Since I so fell for the rooftop bar in L.A., he took me to the Ritz Carlton's rooftop bar in Battery Park, which had a remarkable view of the Statue of Liberty, the water and a wonderful sunset. Even Jersey looked beautiful! I had a tasty almond martini. Here we are beforehand, enjoying the mild weather and waterfront.

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Then he took me to Union Square Cafe, the spot beloved by Zagat's. We always spoke about going there, but we've never made it. I had delectable scallops, some yummy white wine and bowtie pasta appetizer. I was stuffed, completely. Here I am, after devouring all the food. Luckily I fit in the picture.

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Nearly finished with the cable tube top. i LOVE making cables. Why am i only discovering them now?


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