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Sunday, May 01, 2005

long national nightmare

I am, of course, talking about the ribbon xback that I've been knitting. It's a cute pattern, but I am having serious yarn issues -- as are a lot of other knitters over at the ribbon x back knit-a-long.

The pattern's designer selected a discontinued yarn, but offered Deco Ribbon as a substitute. I'm now wondering if she even tried this yarn because EVERYONE'S tanks are knitting up way too big. I have frogged my projects twice and am casting on a third time. I'd simply throw in the towel on this project, but I spent a lot on that darn yarn!

Anyway, I'm taking a little time away from the tank. Until my anger subsides, I'm sewing instead of knitting:

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It's a pillowcase shirt! I found the pattern on Craftster courtesy of this do-it-yourself website.

I have been known to wear skirts fashioned from pillowcases, but this is a first. All I've done so far is cut the sleeve holes and created the ties. You may also notice that these photos are much higher quality. Goodbye spy camera, hello Olympus!

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